Hug a Bee & Buy a T-Shirt!!

beeHave you hugged your favorite bee today??
In honor of National Honey Bee Day I want to introduce you to the New York Bee Sanctuary, a non-profit organization passionate about our buzzing little friends. They’re urban, they’re proactive and they’re educating the community around them.
Drop by their online store & pick out a couple goodies to show your support (I, for one, am pretty sure I need a black T-shirt).
Pollinate the word!!
Oh…and happy National Honey Bee Day 🙂


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Beekman 1802

beekman2I love me some Beekman boys. No, I’m serious. I have such a heart for their story, which is, I suppose, a little stalker-ish, stalker-ie….weird?? Not exactly sure what the appropriate term is here but I think they are adorable and wouldn’t say no to drinks on the front porch of the elegant old house they call home just outside Sharon Springs, NY.

I’ll admit it. They had me at “Three men and a baby goat” and in my imaginary life we’re already friends and I eat dinner there on Sundays.

I’m farmer crushing. I know, that’s a little cheeseballs but some days I just can’t help myself.

Speaking of cheese. These boys make some awesome product (smooth huh?).

The perfected Beekman 1802 Blaak (an artisanal goat milk cheese) pretty much rocked my world.

To be fair I’m not much of a cheese maker so I can’t truly appreciate the intricacies of process that went into what I happily put in my mouth but I’ve been blessed with a friend or two who completely geek out over the art in artisanal and they’ve successfully educated my palate and encourage my preference for the nicer things.

Beekman 1802 Blaak is definitely one of those nicer things.

Not a cheese fan? They offer a smorgasbord of soul satisfying (Yeah, I have an emotional relationship with my food) delicacies, household treats & pamper yourself luxury products. All wrapped up in a charming make you smile kind of way.

The Beekman 1802 Mechantile is awesome.

You know what else is awesome?

I just found out from the good folks over at Modern Farmer that these boys are kicking dirt & taking names, and I mean literally taking names when it comes to small scale farms all over the country. With a focus on offering a helping hand Beekman 1802 launched their line of  Mortgage Lifter Tomato Sauce, promising 25% of the product’s profits to help stabilize hardworking small farms during the turbulent start up process.

To hear tell, after struggling to keep their own fledgling farm afloat they have a understanding sympathy for farmers who have good ideas and a solid business plan — but don’t have a solid cash flow yet.

Aww, as if a farmer crush wasn’t reason enough to make my heart flutter, we’re going to toss in a healthy dose of good guy respect. Man I love people who give back.

And don’t be calling it charity

“This is not just a handout,” says Brent Ridge, one of the two boys. “We’re not trying to save a failing farm for the short-term only to see it go bankrupt next year.”*

Ridge and his partner, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, are hoping to encourage success stories like their own through the efforts of this new-ish venture. Last year they raised $13,264 to offer some “lifted bliss” to four small farms and this year is looking like they’ll have even more to share. With Beekman’s notable attention to quality helping to land their products on the shelves of large distributers like Disney theme parks, sales are on the incline and it’s a safe bet that they will be sharing the Beekman 1802 love for years to come.

Want to get in on a little Beekman 1802 lifted bliss?? You can find their Mortgage Lifter line of products at the Beekman 1802 online mercantile as well as by taking a peek to find a retail store near you.

Or better yet, for those farmy types out there. Give the boys a chance to help your own small farm out. Drop by their application site and find out how to let know who you are. They will be announcing next years Mortgage Lifter recipients in April 2015.

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