{Unedited} Grace-full To The Deep



The past week has been difficult.  Some borrowed stress, involvement requiring the full engagement of pain.  My body weeps, wading through the confusion of physical transition.  Maiden to Mother, Mother to Crone.  Finding my youth an unwanted detriment rather than the familiar advantage.  Business is good, business is long, business is sprinting and treading water in the creative places. My lungs are struggling to find rhythm.  I am uncomfortable.  I am tired.  I am slightly out of focus and recognizing my need to reconnect. Align.

Thoughts with actions. Actions with heart.

Set my intentions.

Tonight is a new moon and this morning I woke to a gift.

A reminder of self and value.

A reminder of choice.

My days are mine to invest.  My energy to choose.

Movement becoming pain or praise.

I can hold to the surface.  Wary of the deep.  Cautious, and distracted, and overwhelmed.  Struggling with my strength.

Or fall grace-full.

Down from the shallows.  Deep to the stillness where I can breathe.  And remember.

We are the householders.

The wisdom of generations.  Reaping the wounds and growing the root.

We are the placeholders.

The bridge to tender hearts.  Sowing the future and battling the past.

We are the covenant.

The milk and honey.  The promise of grace, hope designed.

I have a choice.

Stand bound and grieve my weary or I can gather my ground, the promised land of my heart. Breath in the cool waters that the Spirit calls home.

New moon faithful.  Set your intentions.  Know your ground.

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