Under Construction (Again)

excuseourmessMemories like…remember that time when we moved six times in ten years and your brain couldn’t handle the overload of information that was required to adapt to the five separate and specific environments you were trying to produce in so you plugged your ears and closed your eyes and found out, quite by accident, that in the full and stretched recesses of your heart you were a poet.

Urban Grace getting back on track with the growing of the food and the preserving of the food and the blogging about the growing and the preserving and the selling of the food but we will be making room for a little poetry to sustain our skip a beat hearts as well.

For our farm friends who have patiently waited for our identity crisis to pass, bless you!

To the new friends who enjoy the poetic waxing and conversations about the moon, and grace, and all things life we will be moving the less “farmy” content to a new page called Gathering Grounds.

We are temporarily under construction (again) but…

“We’re here, we’re planted and we’re learning to bloom one hometown at a time”.

Blessings & thanks for sticking around. ❤