{Unedited} More


I was recently taken to task for carrying too much weight in my marriage.
It’s not an uncommon conversation. Our life is unique.
By choice, we carry a heavy load. Not because there is something to prove, but because we are not built to do differently.

Less doesn’t bring peace. Drive is wired that way.

Ours will always be a life of more.
More work.
More reach.
More growth.
More reward.

Our portion always 100 percent.
100 percent of him. 100 percent of me. 100 percent of everything there is to invest without concern for what comes next. We rest deeply in the knowledge that we can.

Fall in, let go, be still.

For some that is…unreasoned.
It is uncomfortable.
Often discomfort is interpreted as something to be changed, when in reality our discomfort is simply the exercise of a pliable body and a willing mind.

It is conditioning.
Strength being formed.

A learning curve that requires stamina. Stamina developed in the exhausted moments.
It is practicality that requires stewardship. Stewardship developed in the midst of strain, knowing what seems important changes when there is no energy left.


A learning curve of self care and accountability.
Body as tool. Mind as resource. Emotion to be decided.
Not for a delayed tomorrow, but for a fully lived today.
There is no 50/50. No your turn and then mine. There is only all.
For better or worse. In sickness and in health.
‘Til death do us part.
One-hundred percent.

2 thoughts on “{Unedited} More

  1. I love this. . In a world that says “it’s not fair” far too often…here is truth spoken. The road continues and on we travel. Giving our all til we cross the finish line.




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