They Might Be Gypsys


I have never really introduced myself.
This public place started from a private place where people knew me and my story was more practice than purpose.
Somewhere that changed.
Recently expectation changed again and in all the turbulence and contradiction of the past few years, we have found a cadence.
A pace and practicality to match a life we hadn’t counted on.
Never intending to wander, yet here we are.
Three homes in twelve months.
Three cities. Three states.
Rather than slowing, the circle moves faster and wider.
Life showing opportunity. Opportunity changing perspective.
A year ago I was worried about roots.
About what wasn’t and what was left.
Today the balance seems less fragile. Less is more. Movement is strength.
Contentment found in smaller moments and knowing we are together.
It’s alchemy.
Daughter turned mother. Mother turned farmer. Farmer turned writer. A writer learning to embrace a life of possibility.
A rooted heart with a gypsy life.
We might be gypsies
And in the end, that’s our story.
Our truth to speak. Our ground to know.

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